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Opening Hours, Services & Prices

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday


9am - 5pm

9am - 11am


Consultation Times

Monday - Saturday

Monday - Friday

9am - 10am

3pm - 4pm


MacLellan Vets Eastgate is an independent first opinion small animal veterinary practice.  We aim to provide honest, animal-focused and reasonably priced veterinary care to our clients and their pets.

We provide open consultation sessions daily, between 9 am and 10 am, Monday through Saturday and between 3 pm and 4 pm Monday through Friday. These sessions are open to all of our registered clients, no appointment is required. As long as you arrive within one of the time slots and sign in at reception, we can guarantee your pet will be seen for a consultation.

If your pet requires urgent care outside of the open consultation session please phone us on 01463 230893.

The practice is open for general enquiries and collection of prescriptions throughout our opening hours. Operations and procedures are performed through the day and are booked by prior arrangement.


Cost of Veterinary Care

At MacLellan Vets we aim to provide reasonably-priced veterinary care with an emphasis on ensuring an open and transparent indication of costs to our clients before treatments are performed.

Below are some examples of the most commonly requested services at our practice.

Feel free to call, message or email us for any further information.


Standard Consultation

Dog Vaccination

Cat Vaccination

Puppy 1st and 2nd Vaccine

Kitten 1st and 2nd Vaccine

Kennel Cough Vaccination 


Dog Castration (<35kg)

Dog Castration (>35kg)

Bitch Spay (<35kg)

Bitch Spay (>35kg)

Cat Castration

Cat Spay (Under 12 months)

Cat Spay (Over 12 months)

Price (inc VAT)















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